2018 Ford Expedition Launch VR Experience - Planning
Texel-Logic was awarded the production of a unique VR experience for the reveal of the 2018 Ford Expedition. While the modeling team optimized the mesh data provided by the client, the design team put together mood boards and style guides, and the development team worked out a site flow. The main challenge for our team was to build an experience which could either be freeform and unguided, or stepped through and guided by a human trainer from a touch-screen display mirroring the experience from the users’ perspective.

2018 Expedition Launch VR Experience - Planning

2018 Expedition Launch VR Experience - Fulfillment
During development, the client indicated that there would no longer be a ride-and-drive at the live reveal event, so one needed to be added to the experience
I created videos of wireframes and works-in-progress. These were shown in regular syncs with the clients to ensure that vehicle behavior was correct, and animation timing was comfortably aligned with the script. 

2018 Expedition Launch VR Experience - Fulfillment

Honda Clarity Electric Vehicles
Honda approached our team to produce extensive digital interactive training material to help educate their dealer base in support of the launch of the Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle, and electric vehicle lines. I led strategic as well as design development for the program to build a touch-screen kiosk which would be used by trainers as speaker support for live training.
On the design side, I supervised and worked as lead developer alongside a team of 2D and 3D artists – building an interactive technical curriculum about the vehicle and its advanced systems.
The program eventually expanded to include the partial hybrid and electric models of Clarity. I led a team of Jr. developers optimizing the experience for iOS deployment so that the program could be more easily accessible to our trainers. I also began prototyping a variant of the experience for AR using object recognition on full-sized vehicles.

Honda Clarity Electric Vehicles

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